Engagement models

We are on your side from the very first project idea to the final report. 

To give you an idea of how our collaboration could be carried out, some of our engagement models are shown below.

Support is given as required, should this be for some hours or several years - contact us!

Task by task

You may engage us on a task-by-task basis, charged at an hourly rate, to support you with the project preparation and grant negotiations or to take the burden of any other management or dissemination task such as the project website.

Fixed amount

With a fixed amount contract, SCIPROM is committed to assist with particular aspects of project preparation, project negotiations, or consulting. The actual details of the assistance which SCIPROM offers, and the elements of the project in which SCIPROM would be involved are determined through discussions with the client.

Consortium member

During the project execution SCIPROM is normally a partner of the consortium and as such funded by the European Commission.