NEMSIC: SCIPROM's third FP7 project!

NEMSIC which stands for Hybrid Nano-Electro-Mechanical / Integrated
Circuit Systems for Sensing and Power Management Applications is a Collaborative Project funded under the ICT priority of the 7th Framework programme (FP7) of the European Commission.

In a future not so far from today, the demand for extremely sensitive devices will be very important for various areas of applications, from gas sensing to bio-sensing and much more. This demand will also be accompanied by a strong need for miniaturization and reduced power consumption.

NEMSIC intends to answer to this future demand by offering sensing and power management solutions based on innovative movable nano-electro-mechanical-systems (NEMS), which are today the smallest mechanical elements that can be fabricated. Moreover, NEMSIC proposes the realization of such NEMS within the same chip as the electronics capable to drive the NEMS and analyze their results. This will result in a family of very efficient devices capable of unprecedented results in the medical or environmental areas for example or in all fields where the sensing of infinitesimal quantities is of capital importance.

NEMSIC is coordinated by Prof. Adrian M. Ionescu from EPFL in Switzerland and passed the evaluation classified 1st and only, with the highest score among more than 180 proposals, and we are very happy to participate to such an exciting research.

For more information visit the new NEMSIC website at or visit our Projects page to learn more about NEMSIC and our other projects.