ULTRAsponder - a new FP7 project

ULTRAsponder stands for In Vivo Ultrasonic Transponder System for Biomedical Applications and is a Collaborative Project funded under the ICT priority of the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission.

The ULTRAsponder project aims at improving the monitoring of parameters and the patients’ life quality using ultrasound waves in an innovative way for communication between an implanted transponder sensor and an external control unit. A prototype will be conceived for the monitoring of congestive heart failure.

As opposed to current state-of-the-art technology that does not allow for continuous monitoring, the ULTRAsponder device will feature continuous monitoring of patients' critical parameters which is a major leap forward in the diagnosis and the treatment of cardiac congestive heart failure (CHF).

In brief, the transponder will sense in real time, sample and memorize with the appropriate frequency the required parameter, and transmit data via ultrasounds to the control unit when necessary. The patient will use the control unit only once per week or more to retrieve the data from the transponder and to transmit it to the physician for analysis. In the same time the control unit will recharge the transponder battery.

ULTRAsponder is coordinated by Dr. Catherine Dehollain from EPFL in Switzerland; eight different partners participate in the project from academia to industry and SMEs, each with its particular field of expertise, from ultrasounds to electronics and medicine, to project management and dissemination.

SCIPROM was involved in ULTRAsponder from the first idea, to the proposal writing, to the negotiations, and is now the management partner in the consortium.

For more information visit the new ULTRAsponder website at www.ultrasponder.org