METFIZZ - Metformin for treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome in children


Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a disorder affecting women of reproductive age, is characterized by cystic ovarian morphology, androgen excess, and/or irregular periods and emerges during or shortly after puberty. The common off-label use of metformin for treating PCOS in children appears to have no greater risk than that in adults; drug tolerance is good with limited adverse effects. However, clinical trials are needed and requested by EMA to validate the safety and efficacy of this agent in PCOS.

METFIZZ will conduct the required product development and clinical studies to establish efficacy and safety of administering age-appropriate innovative effervescent soluble formulations of metformin. The studies will focus attention on ethics in this psychologically sensitive condition, guided by the current legislation and by engaging patients and caregivers along with an independent ethics expert.

Currently, there are no age-appropriate dosing forms of metformin for treatment of PCOS in paediatric populations. This can result in over or under dosing, lack of medication compliance, dangers of iatrogenic harms. METFIZZ embraces clinical development, manufacturing scale up, and registration aspects of this pharmaceutical development programme.

Coordinator SME EffRx together with 4 SME-CROs and at least 20-30 related study centres will carry out the clinical study in 4 EU member states. The statistical analysis plan requires approximately 150 patients to be randomized into the PCOS study. EffRx will lead the METFIZZ product commercialisation to benefit children in Europe.

SCIPROM accompanies METFIZZ since the project preparation phase and it now acts as the project management and dissemination partner.

The project began on 1 Oct 2013 and will run for 42 months. For more information, please visit