CassaMobile - Mini-factories for customised products using local flexible production


Advanced production equipment and innovative systems are needed to enable fast and cost-effective manufacturing of customised products at the location of need, at the required time.

Within CassaMobile a mobile, flexible, modular, small-footprint manufacturing system in a 20’ ISO-container that can be easily configured for different products and processes is developed. The container format allows transport to provide on-site manufacturing anywhere, enabling the benefits of localised service delivery without duplication of equipment at multiple locations.
The integrated modular manufacturing system with standard interfaces allows an easy exchange of process modules. The process modules are inherently intelligent. Each module is equipped with its own control equipment and features a self-description, which in combination with the machine control system allows automatic configuration of the whole assembly system.
An additive manufacturing module enables the system to “3D print” customised components of virtually any shape. In-process inspection improves accuracy, reduces waste and eliminates manual quality control tasks. A pick and place module allows assembly of discrete components. Other processes, such as finishing, cleaning and sterilisation, can be easily integrated as additional process modules.

The concept will be demonstrated by three use cases: bone drill guides for orthopaedic surgery, medical orthotics and individual industrial gripping products. The use cases impose very different and challenging requirements for customisation: patient-specific parts, medical production, high demands for process stability etc. 

The project will create significant impact by enabling manufacturers to respond to rapidly changing market dynamics with high value-added products whilst reducing time-to-market, cost, environmental footprint and set-up time. Industrial and scientific exploitation tracks are an integral part of the whole concept.

SCIPROM accompanies CassaMobile since the project preparation phase and it now acts as the project management partner.

The project began on 1 Sep 2013 and will run for three years. For more information, please visit