45 minutes free e-training module on FP7 launched by HYPERION

Sean McCarthy and his colleagues from HYPERION prepared a 45minutes free eTraining Module entitled "The Fundamentals of Framework 7" which can be found on the HYPERION web site.

The module is designed to provide beginners with a quick overview of the following:

- Key sources of information on Framework 7
- The Structure and Terminology used in Framework 7
- Overview of the Research Priorities
- The different grants (Funding Schemes)
- Which countries can participate?
- How proposals are evaluated
- How to start and how to proceed.

NEF online communication tool for FP7 negotiations

NEF (Negotiation Forms) is the new FP7 communication tool between the coordinators and the EC project officers. It is the application supporting the negotiation process, used for collecting legal and financial data as well as other background information about the participants to a proposal.

With this new tool, data may be collected and submitted online. The use of a specific software offline as in FP6 ("CPF editor") is not anymore necessary - good news indeed!

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