4L Trophy orientation course in Renault 4L in the Moroccan desert.

SCIPROM proudly presents the team of Matthieu Charlot et Florian Gharib, who participated in the "4L Trophy orientation course," a charity race in which everyone drove Renault 4Ls in the Moroccan desert in February/March 2015.

Financially supported by SCIPROM, these two students of the University of Lausanne successfully completed the 2800 km distance between Lausanne-Marrakech and finished this 18th edition of the course 650th out of 1117 participants. Congratulations!

You can read much more about their adventures on their facebook page. They will be present at the market in St-Sulpice this Saturday, 20 June 2015, to tell their stories around a glass of wine. Everybody is welcome!

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