Declaration of researchers: Simplify European funding rules

Euresearch director Olivier Küttel is one of the founders of the initiative "Trust Researchers - A declaration to the attention of the European Council of Ministers and the Parliament."

As he says "Many researchers across Europe are unhappy with the administrative burden of European Research Funding. The Framework Programme, as the biggest part of this funding, is far from being easy to use despite many efforts towards simplification.

Many stakeholders including the European Commission are working on simplifying the participation rules. That’s certainly promising. However, what is missing so far is the voice of all researchers involved in European research projects. We should all stand up and ask for less cumbersome rules.

We can make things happen if we all act together: please sign this declaration and invite others to join! We ask the European Council of Ministers and the Parliament to urgently simplify the financial and administrative provisions related to the Framework Programme and other European funding instruments considering these instruments important leverage effect on the competitiveness of the European Research Area."

Read and sign this declaration here.

SCIPROM supports this initiative and invites you to join.

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