Finance helpdesk: FP7 Research for SMEs - Budget Calculation

The finance helpdesk published a leaflet on the budget calculation in "FP7 Research for SMEs" projects.

The “Research for SMEs” funding scheme supports small groups of innovative SMEs in solving technological problems and acquiring technological know-how. SMEs subcontract research to RTD performers in order to acquire the necessary technological knowledge. The EU grant is capped at 110% of the price to be invoiced to RTD performers for subcontract work as agreed prior to contract signature.

You can download the leaflet from the finance helpdesk site.

New reporting tool FORCE

With "FORCE" a new web based editor of forms C was made available for the financial reporting in FP6 and 7 projects.

Like the questionnaires due with the initial and final reporting and the new dissemination tool PIDS, it is accessible via the SESAM system.

From now on, the use of FORCE is mandatory for the financial reporting in FP7 projects (except for projects under the auspices of DG INFSO such as ICT projects). Partners in FP6 projects can choose whether they want to use FORCE or as before excel sheets offline.

Key services of FORCE include the preparation of FP6 and FP7 FORMS C with updated and correct contract/grant information of each beneficiary participating in the project/grant, the printing of Forms C and their electronic submission of FORMS C to the Commission (signed paper version to be sent afterwards). Also the correction of Forms C after refusal by the EC will be possible.

For the time being, only coordinators (should) have received the necessary passwords to access FORCE; regular beneficiaries should receive their own access rights in the coming weeks.

How to register on FORCE and how to use the new tool for your reporting, is shown in a presentationmade available by the EC.

CORDIS: Project Information and Dissemination Service (PIDS)

This service is
- A one stop shop where FP6 projects officers can find their information on all their projects.
- A collecting tool: coordinators will be able to use this service to provide the Commission with information on all their projects' outputs (results, news, events...)
- A disseminating tool: through this service, the projects' outputs will be directly disseminated to the relevant CORDIS sections (results database, CORDIS news...)

It is only available to Project Coordinators and EC Project officers already registered with a CORDIS login.

More information.

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