COST: Newsletter available

The European Co-operation in the Field of Science and Technology (COST) has just published a Newsletterwhich highlights past and upcoming COST Activities, describes instruments and covers COST stories.

Ethics help desk available

The newly created Ethics Help Desk for FP7 projects now provides information on issues and offers consultation regarding the ethical aspects of research that is funded under the 7th Framework Programme. The goal of the Help-Desk is to support scientists that are research participants in FP7 funded projects, to meet the EU and international ethical standards related to the issues outlined in the "Ethics check list".

Via this service, scientists can receive advice from the Ethics Review Sector of DG research and by experts in the ethics field concerned, in order to reach their research objectives and meet the ethical requirements of their work.
The advice is offered on the basis of the FP7 ethics framework as outlined in the FP7 legal basis documents and the legal documents for implementation.

The Ethics Help Desk Contact person is Isidoros Karatzas.

All questions will be treated confidentially and personal information will be protected. More information as well as contact details you will find on the cordis "get support" page.

European research quiz

We guess the two candidates of this quiz are project officers:-) ... ?

Second IMI call to be launched in October

The Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) is a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) between the pharmaceutical industry represented by the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) and the European Communities represented by the European Commission.

On 30 October 2009 the 2nd call for proposals of IMI will be launched officially. Concerning the funding available for the new call, there will be 76.8 million provided by the European Commission with at least matching in kind contributions to the projects of the participating EFPIA companies. Nine topics will be covered, related to knowledge management, infectious and inflammatory diseases, and cancer.

The IMI Call is a two-stage process, the first one being an Expression of Interest (EoI) expressed by scientists from academia, SME, patient organisations and others. One EoI per Call topic is generally invited to submit a full project proposal together with the EFPIA industry members. The submission deadline for EoIs will probably be in january 2010.

An information day held on Tuesday, 17 Nov 09 at Brussels-Expo will provide an overview of the IMI and all practical information to be involved in IMI projects, focusing on the submission of expressions of interest for the 2nd call.

For more information please refer to the IMI web site.

A comparison between FP7 and IMI funding as well as information on the IMI IRP policy which clearly aims at a swift dissemination and sharing of the results can be found on the Euresearch web site.

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