Switzerland successful in FP7 - Interim Report 2007-2012

The Swiss State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation, SERI, just published an interim report summarizing the Swiss participation in FP7 from 2007-2012.
At the time the data for this report was supplied (15 June 2012), Swiss researchers had secured FP7 grant funding totalling CHF 1.56 billion or 4.3% of all FP7 grant funding awarded.

In terms of the FP7 success rate Switzerland ranks 4th among 42 FP7 member and associate countries (following only Belgium, the Netherlands and France). Swiss researchers achieved a 25.3% success rate, significantly higher than the average success rate of 22.3%. Measured in terms of FP7 participation, coordinated FP7 projects and the amount of FP7 grant funding secured, Switzerland ranks among the top ten countries.
As with previous Framework Programmes, the FIT Domain, which includes the EPF in Lausanne, the ETH in Zurich and their associated research institutes, was the main recipient of FP7 grant funding awarded to Switzerland (40% ), followed by cantonal universities (28%) and companies (20%). The remaining significant portion of FP7 grant funding (12%) was awarded to non-profit organisations, universities of applied sciences and public institutions.
The Swiss researchers involved in FP7 projects are primarily involved in the following research fields: the ERC's "Ideas" programme (28% of FP7 grant funding awarded to Switzerland), Information and Communication Technologies (19%) and the "Health" programme (12%).

The full reported can be downloaded from the SERI website.

Source: SERI